Welcome to the Event Central WikiEdit

This is my wiki,made by me MusicMel:D, where all major events for the Whatever You Want Wiki (made by our amazing CharlieB14) will be done! I hope everyone enjoys it! :)

More About The WikiEdit

So I created this wiki, so that on the Whatever You Want Wiki (once again, created by the fantastic CharlieB14) we can have super, extra, fantastic, fun, and we could use this to plan and do big events, like HSM and the Charpie wedding! We also have one Free Chat room, but that is not what this wiki is gonna be used for mostly! Please, stay on Charlie's wiki, unless we are planning, or rehearsing something! Thank you and enjoy! :) Feel free to come on whenever,though! I really don't mind! :)


Latest activityEdit

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Took this from Charlie's wiki, sorry CJ! I just love it! :)

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